C24s business intelligence solution is child’s play

December 13, 2012

C24 have seen a significant uptake of our Bi24 business intelligence solution over the last year. The solution has been applauded for it ease of use and the speed of installation.

The following is a comment from a recent research document that highlights the strengths of the solution:

Business intelligence (BI) technology holds out much promise, but experience would tend to indicate that it can be difficult to use, requiring specialist skills and imposing considerable latency between need and information delivery. Bi24 addresses these issues for many business needs and the ease-of-use has to be seen to be appreciated. The technology is built on the well regarded Lucene open software search technology and because of this most things are possible. While Bi24 does not give much profile to unstructured data search, a great deal of functionality is delivered out-of-the-box so that email and documents can be incorporated into search and analytic’s functionality. The key to understanding the power of Bi24 is that it provides a search approach to BI.”

“What this means on a day-to-day level is that business users can formulate their own analytical and search needs with ease. This is a highly pragmatic, but in no way compromised BI tool and we would recommend that organisations of all sizes should look at the offering.”

To prove the point the below image is of the daughter of a BI lead who is using the Venn elements of the solution for her homework



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