Ten changes to Business Intelligence in 2012 (some of which Bi24 already delivers)

November 18, 2011


  1. It’s going to be all about getting things done!
  2. Standards and enterprise-grade platforms will continue to be important, but individual BI tools with the functionality to show a single version of the truth will trump standards.
  3. Enterprises will learn to live with multiple BI tools.
  4. Business Intelligence will continue to move away from the IT team and into the hands of the business user.
  5. Self Service BI will bring decision making to the desktop and will become the name of the game.
  6. Mobile BI will go mainstream. Tomorrows decisions will need to be made when and where they need to be made, not “when I get back to the office”.
  7. Cloud BI will continue to chip away at on-premises BI, but it’s still a long road ahead.
  8. BI-specific DBMSes (in-memory, others) will go mainstream.
  9. Big data will start to move out of silos and into enterprise IT. IT will start to learn how to live with it.
  10. BI users will start demanding and vendors will start delivering Bi tools that integrate with email and collaboration platforms. Just integrating BI with Excel is no longer enough.

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