Business Case and SAGE

C24 have recognised that the biggest market for analytics and Bi tools currently is the midmarket. It has been estimated that 70% of midmarket companies are looking for analytical solutions to enable them to differentiate themselves and either create competitive advantage or at the very least have competitive parity. Unlike some solutions C24 have packaged a number of solutions together specifically for the midmarket so that they can be more consumable and affordable.

One package that has proved extremely successful is the solution interaction with the SAGE solution set. SAGE does have a BI plug in but on evaluation and after feedback from clients it wasn’t doing what was needed. As a result we decide to create an out the box solution for SAGE 200 where our clients could use Bi24 over their SAGE data to deliver instant results.

A number of C24’s clients are now seeing true business benefits and are making critical business decisions using the solution. We have dropped in some visuals below of actual screenshots from one client.

Business benefits include:

1) Get key business metric reports when and where you need them. Bi24 is setup to send reports when and where you need them including to mobile devices. This flexibility will allow key decision makers to see information whenever they require it. This can be in the form of reports and dashboards.

2) Insight into customer behaviour. Looking at the data there is key information that will allow you to gain visibility into what customers are buying (or not). This area alone has the potential to increase the opportunity for sales, but also highlights what possible areas are for key account development plans. We can set the solution up to send KPI’s to clients giving real added value. We can also help develop customer segmentation as a strategy to drive new client acquisition within specific vertical sectors.

3) Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Examining data, not just from SAGE but from other silos allows you to examine customer buying habits and may highlight certain buying patterns when it comes to product categories, highlighting clients that are potentially unaware of the total product portfolio.

4) Improve efficiency. Many companies waste significant time hunting for data from within various departmental data sources which they need to understand what is going on in various areas of the business. With Bi24 you can have one view on the world removing the chance of errors and giving employees a true picture of the business. The solution can be used to drive data integrity not only in SAGE but in other systems such as marketing, production and planning.

5) See where the business has been, where it is now and where it is going.

6) Improve data accessibility to enable better and faster fact-based decision making. As the solution is driven by mobility we could allow sales and customer facing employees the potential to deliver answers to questions while on client’s sites, allowing faster decision making for clients placing orders. As mentioned we could also give clients access to this giving true added value that the competition couldn’t deliver.

7) Help to deliver better forecasting.


Overview analytics and other benefits

Analytics is fast becoming a high priority for companies as a result of the explosion in the variety, velocity, and volume of data with a potential impact on business decision-making. Much of this data is unstructured, such as the text included in customer service records, customer sentiment data in social media, or streams of data from instrumented devices. Making good business decisions often requires analysis across multiple sources and types of data; SAGE data being just one. Companies often have independent systems designed to manage business processes ranging from order/inventory to point of sales, marketing research, and customer relationship management. The challenge for many of these companies is that answering the most urgent questions about the business requires analysis across all of these independent systems. Even a small company with a few hundred employees may have a dozen systems are disconnected and keep the company from having a full picture of the business.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some midsize companies are finding they can benefit from business analytics solutions. Yet, while some midsize companies are finding ways to get the answers they want using analytics, the word needs to spread to other companies still struggling with manual spreadsheet analysis that doesn’t go deep enough.

C24 provides this marketplace with a variety of solutions; including the SAGE plugin that enables companies to benefit from analytics and bi being integrated into their various data silos. We have the experience of linking to all types of data and delivering solutions in days rather than the usual months, this reduces the professional services charges associated with business intelligence installations.


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